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Bridging the Gap: Practical Software Development Skills

At Square1 Academy, we acknowledge the challenges students face in bridging the gap between traditional education and the demands of the tech industry. Our team of experienced industry veterans, in partnership with Universitat d'Alacant, have meticulously designed digital courses that address this disparity - bringing a range of our Full Stack Web Development Online Courses to the students of Colombia.

Students at the University of Antioquia and the Tecnológico de Antioquia affiliates now have access to cutting-edge training, culminating in a recognised Diploma. This partnership aims to ensure a continuous stream of 30-35 students entering each course every three months.

The curriculum combines expert-designed workshops and tutorials with real-world scenarios, delivered in modern technical stacks with strong employment prospects. This practical training explores the industry, providing students with immediate job-ready capabilities and ensuring a seamless transition into their careers.

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Breaking Barriers: A Global Learning Community

The courses provided by the Square1 Academy aim to break barriers, welcoming learners into a diverse community at no cost to them. These courses are crafted for a global audience, providing opportunities for participants from varied backgrounds to access the vast landscape of the tech industry. Our initiative goes beyond education, it curbs the need for youth emigration, empowering individuals for well-paid, high-skilled remote jobs.

This strategy uplifts not only individuals but also enriches the tech sector with diverse perspectives, creating a ripple effect of innovation both locally and globally. In a country like Colombia, where high youth emigration often leads to low-skilled/low-income jobs abroad, our approach promises a transformative impact on their futures.

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Global Perspective: Enhancing Industry-Relevant Education

Our collaboration with reputable universities in Spain and Colombia enhances the course's reach and relevance. This global perspective ensures that students gain insights into international practices and regulations, an essential aspect of the increasingly globalised fintech industry. By incorporating diverse viewpoints and experiences, these courses offer a well-rounded education in the world of web development.

Impactful Digital Initiative: Future Plans

The impact of our digital initiative and the strides made in innovation are testament to our commitment to transformative education. Our future plans include an exciting expansion of our curriculum to encompass UX Design and Mobile Development, ensuring that our learners are prepared to take advantage of employment opportunities in some of the most vibrant and rewarding sectors at work today. At Square1 Academy, the journey doesn't end here, it's an ongoing exploration of knowledge and skills that empowers our learners for a dynamic future in the digital sector.

Thanks to the resources provided by the university and now by Square1, we're paving the way for our students to engage with national and international businesses, creating a profound impact on their communities and shaping them into talented, innovative individuals with a global outlook.” Julio Saldarriaga, Dean of the University of Antioquia Medellin, Faculty of Engineering

“As the Dean of a Faculty serving 9,000 students, the majority of whom come from the lower socioeconomic strata 1, 2, and 3, I wholeheartedly believe in Square1's initiative to support advanced programming training for students. Initiatives like Square1's are vital for fostering inclusion and nurturing the talents of future engineers whose contributions to problem-solving will be deeply impactful and full of promise. With these certifications, Square1 is not only enhancing the skillsets of these young professionals but is also sparking innovation and significantly improving the life quality of many youths and their families. 

Julio Saldarriaga

Colombia's Tech Deficit and Migration: A Call for Change

Colombia faces a pressing challenge with an 80,000-employee deficit in the tech sector and projections anticipate a shortfall of 68,000 to 112,000 software developers by 2024. The trend of Colombian migration, with over 500,000 leaving in 2022, reflects a search for stability and better opportunities, often resulting in lower-income jobs abroad. Compounding the issue, nearly half of Colombian workers earn wages below the minimum threshold, hindering access to education and perpetuating a cycle of poverty. Addressing these challenges is crucial for creating accessible and transformative educational opportunities in Colombia.

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