Square1 will help your company successfully navigate the challenges of digital transformation. We work closely with your team to develop a strategy.

Domain-specific expertise

At Square1, our experience across a wide variety of industry verticals means that we offer you comprehensive insight and solutions, specific to the problems you’re facing. We can work together to devise a strategy for your business, or do a full analysis of an existing strategy, to highlight potential weaknesses and new opportunities.

This level of experience leaves us uniquely placed to help shape your growth strategy, whilst also advising against potentially rocky waters to avoid in the future!

Our team of experts and tools will help with:

  • Web and app design aligned with your brand and image
  • Monitoring and optimising your digital presence
  • SEO analysis and implementation
  • UX/UI/IxD design
  • Social media Strategy
  • E-commerce management
  • ERP integrations
  • CRM development, extranet, intranet, and SaaS solutions
  • Invoicing, reporting, and other development implementations

Our consultancy services

Software and Information Architecture Consulting: maximising your business potential with the right technologies and platforms.

Innovation Consulting: identifying opportunities for innovation.

Web Design and Mobile Apps Consulting: creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website or app.

Accessibility and Usability Consulting: improving user experience and increasing site visits.

Security and Web Analytics Consulting: enhancing website security and performance.

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